Backyard Musings

I don’t have much to say tonight. Spent the day in the back yard hauling river rock for landscaping. It was hot again, heat index 103 which didn’t make my job any easier.

Later it rained, a nice heavy downpour which lasted over an hour.

The flowers loved it.

I had a mini river going on! Glad I put the rocks there because mulch would have washed away.

Tonight it is still cloudy and the air is saturated with moisture.  Maybe a nice rainy night tonight, good sleeping weather.  😴

Have a peaceful sleep everyone.  💖


Life is not all fluffy clouds and unicorns

I realized this week that I am only supposed to write about all things positive and not to dare express an opinion about reality.  Maybe that is my fault since I am generally a very positive person who has a great sense of humor.  So when I stray from the norm, people just can’t deal with it.

Oh well, here are a few things that greeted me this morning as I sat on my back porch drinking my morning coffee in peace.

This little beauty just bloomed. She has greeted me every summer for six years.


 A pretty yellow lady peeks over my neighbor’s fence to say hello.


The recent deluge we had did wonders to perk up my coleus, hibiscus, and begonia plants.



These two mockingbirds are on the wire every morning, afternoon and evening

This red bellied woodpecker sits on telephone pole most every morning. You can see he is doing his best to destroy it.


This was a new visitor to my back yard. There were actually two of them flitting around chasing each other. The picture is not very good because they moved too fast.  It is either a downy woodpecker  or a hairy woodpecker.  They are similar to each other but with different beaks. As you see I did not get a picture of the beak, so I can’t tell.  Hopefully, they will visit again.

So there ya have this mornings version of fluffy clouds and unicorns.

Have a beautiful day my friends ♥♥